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  • Direct Shipments
  • Multi Pick/Drop shipments
  • Cross-Border Shipments
  • E-POD & E-STATUS Update
  • Notifications & Exceptions
  • Contract & Billing
  • Track & Trace
  • Trip Level PNL

Every transportation company wants to improve their service to achieve greater customer satisfaction by optimum utilization of resources involved, real-time tracking of all the milestone and necessary control of every shipments they execute to get the best return of every expense made.


SCMLOG offers cloud based, secured, scalable and robust integrated platform to optimize and manage every shipments/trips efficiently which are operated locally, cross-border, inter-island or a multi-modal service with trucking and domestic sea/air operation. The system is designed to manage multiple scenarios, multiple office (local or international), multi-client business vertical, multi-currency, multi-lingual and have real time tracking of every shipment.

For faster end to end transportation SCMLOG provides all the features to handle dynamic changes required during the operations. A responsive system for efficient cargo handling during container haulage, single pick multi drop, multi pick single drop, multi pick multi drop, multi modal, inter-island shipments and last mile delivery. System provides the feature to define SOP’s for different business scenarios which increases the operations efficiency by automating the processes, minimize data entry and automate document generation.

SCMLOG also provides a vehicle yard management to decrease the idle waiting time, improve allocation of vehicles based on planning, consolidation of deliveries based on route and capacity thus increase resource efficiency and decrease the cost.


Streamlined Transportation Execution

All the businesses are adapting the mobiles based operations and transportation is not far from it. SCMLOG provides mobile based apps which the operators can use for different purpose in a transport operation. The apps on the mobile provides the feature for a driver/operator to real-time capture container number during container haulage, milestone date-timestamp when completed (e-status update), delay reasons (nonconformance), photo for electronic proof of delivery (e-POD), signature and geo coordinates. Enablement of mobile based operations increases the productivity and services.

Accuracy, transparency, automated costing and invoicing is at-most important in the low margin competitive transport business. With SCMLOG a transportation company can manage multiple vendor contracts or own tariffs to automate the costing for cash advance or any dynamic cost and mange settlement of each cash advance. It provides feature to customize multilayered authorization from managers which makes the business transparent. Faster invoicing to customer can be automated through revenue contracts thus increasing the cash flow.


SCMLOG provides a powerful tool to manage the operations through alerts and exceptions. For each and every shipment activities system provides the feature to configure the required alerts and exceptions. Alerts will notify the completion of the activity to start the next activity on time, while exceptions will notify for any delay occurred after the set lead time of a shipment activity to quickly take remedial action.

SCMLOG provides standard API’s to seamlessly collaborate with multiple systems like ERP’s (finance), GPS, shipment order, tracking, quotes, vendor updates and other system.

SCMLOG enables multi-dimensional tracking for the shipments depending on the customer requirements. It can track at the shipment milestone, container, cargo, package and document level. Mobility based apps can be enabled to track shipment real-time and on a geo map interface.

shipment level PNL, configurable reports and KPI’s can be set at each mile-stones for the various responsible stakeholders that will not only help to analyze the performance and fine tune the internal process but also enables better customer transparency.


Real Time Tracking and Analysis

Mobility Enabled Operations

Transportation Costing, Settlement and Billing

Control and Collaboration