• Enable Website
  • Online Order Management
  • Enable Customer Order via secured access
  • Global Multi Country Warehousing
  • Inventory & Location Management
  • Integration with Freight Forwarders, Truckers & Shipping
  • Seamless Documentation 
  • Item Barcode/QR Printing
  • Paperless Mobility Operations
  • Connect to E-Commerce Market Places
  • Standard Connectivity to ERP

Managing the multiple brands, deliveries and inventory accuracy has its own challenges for a trader. SCMLog is a complete cloud-based solution for supply chain execution solution for various small, medium and enterprise trading organizations. A simple system that can manage order fulfillment and its delivery. The complete end-to-end solution that will manage the trader’s inbound logistics with various suppliers, brand owners and outbound logistics to manage adhoc and principal customers. SCMLOG is designed to scale up for small, medium and enterprise level trading organization as per the operational requirements helping them to manage the solution cost in OPEX model. The highly configurable and flexible solution helps to ensure that correct item is picked based on the ageing and other parameters. The solution has good integration framework to connect easily with any ERP solutions to ensure seamless network to supply chain

SCMLOG has powerful strategy management that helps to automate the processes for receiving, put-away, release, picking etc. This can be further applied to workflow to ensure correct items are processed based on the activities defined. This can be further mapped based on principal customers to ensure the priority and the correct process is followed as per SOP. This can be further mapped to various warehouse and stocking points helping to minimize the onboard of new business entity

The solution is designed to have mobility solution to fasten the various processes like receiving, put-away, counting, picking etc. The mobility solution also enables to validate the correct items is processed as per the system or user defined. Templatized approach is designed in the configuration for faster onboard warehouse and customers. Mobility solutions are further extended to last mile delivery to ensure the order is delivered on time and customer acknowledgement

Timely notifications and exceptions from SCMLOG will enable operations to be “Proactive” rather than “Reactive”. This is designed to work on an Exception based solution that will help the operations for right notifications at right time. As an SOP we can configure “Pre-Alerts” that can be set for the operations to pre-plan the activities on time, “Alerts” that will notify for any event occurrence and finally “Exceptions” which will monitor and notify for any missed activities that will help to mitigate the issues on time. This function will help to improve the organizational operational efficiency and better customer stickiness

SCMLOG Platform helps the trader to extend the reachability to customers from local, regional to global. This helps the Trader to showcase the offerings of products and services at various levels. The platform also enables customers to pay online for the orders via a secured payment gateway process. It also enables distributors to connect to various marketplaces to increase the range of business development. This helps the distributor to have direct integration of customer requirements with operations helping to reduce errors, lead-time etc.


SCMLOG is design to cater multiple brands with multiple product categories across various industry verticals example automobile spare parts, FMCG, F&B, pharma, cosmetics, electronics, electricals, asset based etc. The solution is highly flexible to configure the re-order level, safety stocks, batch management, picking strategy at each stocking point level to ensure minimum viable inventory and proper handling.

B2C Platform For Online Reachability

Handling Multiple Brands & Product Category

Powerful Workflow And Strategy Management

Mobility Solutions To Maximize the Efficiency

Flexible Alert & Exceptions