• Enable Website & Online Store 
  • Finished Goods & Raw Material Inventory 
  • Inventory & Location Management
  • Transfer & Returns 
  • Cycle Count & Adjustment
  • Item Barcode/QR Printing
  • Paperless Mobility Operations
  • Notifications and Exception
  • Connect to E-Commerce Market Places
  • Standard Connectivity to ERP

The manufacturing industry, like many other sectors, is seeing an increase in the reliance on technology to complete the supply and demand including visibility. In today's flat world, outsourcing is a reality and we see a number of companies outsourcing their manufacturing to various suppliers. To have the ability to reap the benefits of outsourcing yet have complete control over the supply chain is a challenge. The current state of visibility of orders, shipments and stocks - both in transit, across locations and the proactive controls in the supply chain - has a lot to be desired. Most manufacturers have invested in an ERP solution to take care of corporate functions such as finance, human resources, and procurement, however most of these solutions fall short when it comes to supply chain visibility and control.

SCMLOG supply chain visibility, provides a platform to connect key entities in the supply chain. It improves supply chain visibility and helps set up control points thus having a direct impact on efficiency and service level

SCMLOG allows manufacturers to reduce their overhead costs at once by having a visibility and taking actions on what they spend on distribution.  Delays in production can be another challenging and extremely costly affair for manufacturers. SCMLOG help to ensure suppliers can deliver parts to warehouses and other manufacturing facilities to avoid expensive production shutdowns. When you consider the cost savings of distribution, production and inventory, it’s safe to say that SCMLOG allows manufacturers to be more efficient and profitable in the marketplace overall.


For creation of a single product there can be many suppliers who are typically involved, it can be easy for miscommunications to occur between different parties, suppliers and the manufacturer. By having a leading SCM product like SCMLOG giving you visibility on inventory and transit materials, you cut down on the number of people and companies you must communicate with as a manufacturer. The solution will help keep a track on the raw material inventory, finished product inventory and in-transit inventory, this will help keep all the stakeholders aligned and updated in real time

SCMLOG will help increasing company’s productivity by streamlining their supply chain procedures and providing the necessary structure to ensure the visibility required for manufacturing and the process goes as smoothly as possible. Issues like delay in order fulfillment, transport, waiting at the warehouse, incorrect inventory stock which occur because of low visibility can be avoided and reduced. Also KPIs will help keep a check on various operational parameters and processes.


Reduction in Delivery Time And Supply Chain Costs

Improved Visibility (Providing Multi-Dimensional Visibility)

SCMLOG can help to maintain buy rates and sell rates that will enable the accuracy of revenue invoicing to customer as well as receiving cost invoice from the service providers. The solution can manage multi-currency billing that enables freight forwarder to deal with local as well as international customers. powerful and fully configurable tax compliance will ensure the invoices are taxed as per the federal requirements. With proper workflow, exceptions, authentication process, SCMLOG can streamline all the billing process that will eliminate all current errors and backlogs in invoicing.


Help To Monitor KPIs Of Suppliers And Service Providers

Enable Seamless Connectivity With Supplier’s Or Vendor's ERP

Timely notifications and exceptions from SCMLOG will enable operations to be “Proactive” rather than “Reactive”. This is designed to work on an exception based solution that will help the operations for right notifications at right time. As an SOP we can configure “Pre-Alerts” that can be set for the operations to pre-plan the activities on time, “Alerts” that will notify for any event occurrence and finally “Exceptions” which will monitor and notify for any missed activities that will help to mitigate the issues on time. This function will help to improve the organizational operational efficiency and better customer stickiness

Alert & Exception Management